Solid food...

Grace and Hunter got their first taste of solid food, today: a few spoonfuls of rice cereal mixed with formula. Jill and I have been considering this for a few weeks, but Gracie convinced us today when she grabbed my bowl and started trying to eat the pineapple off my cottage cheese. She almost dumped the bowl in my lap before I was able to regain control of the situation. Hunter was a little less interested, but both managed to keep it down! Yeah!
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Next thing you know they will be asking for the keys to the car. I know i've told you a thousand time but you Alan, didn't take long to latch on to "real" food when you were a baby. You were also the only kid I ever knew that could strain the applesauce off of the green beans when we tried to trick you into eating green (yuk) veggies. Get ready, kids are pretty tricky when it comes to eating things they like .