Today is the day!

What's that you say?  What happened to the first day of spring? Well, the best laid plans... Last week, Jill strained a muscle in her abdomen.  She might have done it turning over in bed.  Or, she might have done it getting in the car.  We're not sure.  But, the pain was strong enough that Jill couldn't take a deep breath.  At first, we thought maybe she was going into labor.  Fortunately, we were already scheduled to see our doctor that day.  So, he was able to diagnose the muscle strain and send us home with some Vicadin.  Jill's been taking it easy ever since - sleeping a lot, only leaving the house for doctor appointments.  I've been at home with her since the middle of last week. After seeing Jill in so much pain last week, and after recording an elevated blood pressure, Dr. Zimmer decided that we should go ahead and schedule a C-section sooner rather than later.  He set it up for today at 7:30 AM.  So, sometime shortly after that, Jill and I will be new parents!!!  We couldn't be more excited - or nervous! We'll do our best to get word out when the time comes.  But, for those of you who'd like to call or drop by to check on us, we're delivering at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue.  The number is (425) 688-5351.  We'll probably be at the hospital through Sunday. Keep us in your thoughts!