Hunter's Helmet & Gracie's Revenge

Hunter and Grace did a little on camera work a couple of days ago.  It was almost bed time.  So, they're pretty tired looking.  But, this is a pretty good example of their personalities:  (As always, better quality video can be found on our MobileMe gallery.) Hunter's Helmet [youtube=] For those of you wondering why Hunter is still wearing his football player Halloween costume, he's actually wearing the helmet to correct a flat spot on his skull. It's a condition known as plagiocephaly. He has a mild case.  His hair would likely cover it up eventually. But, we figured we'd give the helmet a try and see what happens. No sense putting up with all those flat head jokes later in life, if you don't have to. :) Gracie's Revenge [youtube=] Both Hunter and Grace are definitely being themselves in these videos. Hunter is generally content to sit and play with a toy. Gracie is into everything. I wonder which is closer to me and which is closer to Jill?

Happy Five Months!

Hunter and Grace turned five months old, today. (Has it really been five months?!?!) To celebrate, I uploaded a couple of recent videos. (These are, of course, on both YouTube and our MobileMe gallery which has better video quality than YouTube.) Hunter's Perspective What the world looks like when you are five months old... [youtube=] Laughter Jill's friend Monica finds something for Grace to laugh about... [youtube=] Note for posterity:  Hunter now weighs 16 pounds, 10 ounces, and Gracie weighs 15 pounds, 6 ounces.

Gracie rolls!

I just uploaded a video of Gracie rolling over.  This was her third roll ever.  As you can see, she clearly enjoys it.  But, since she figured it out, she refuses to stay on her tummy for tummy-time.  You can view the video below (courtesy of YouTube), or you can view a higher quality version at our gallery.  As for Hunter, he's working hard trying to learn this trick himself.  He's almost there...  Stay tuned for that video... [youtube=]


So for those of you who don't know yet, Jill is pregnant... with TWINS! Here's some footage from our 10/18 ultrasound: [youtube=] Jill's been a real trooper. The first trimester was tough. Lots of nausea. But, frequent, small meals helped. Things seem to be settling down at the moment. Let's hope it stays that way (for a while)! Our official due date is April 2nd. But, twins often come early. I've seen posts online quoting 32-36 weeks as normal for twins. So, we're in for a surprise.