Pink or blue?

Well, this past Thursday, Jill and I had hoped to learn what gender our twins are during our monthly ultrasound. Jill was just finishing her 16th week, which is a little early to tell gender. Most singleton pregnancies don't learn gender until the 20th week. But, then, most singleton pregnancies aren't seeing the ultrasound technicians every month. Here are some pictures from our 10/18 ultrasound (click to enlarge):
If you paid close attention to the notes on the left hand side of the images, you saw the XX and XY references and now you know that we're expecting both pink AND blue! We couldn't be happier!


So for those of you who don't know yet, Jill is pregnant... with TWINS! Here's some footage from our 10/18 ultrasound: [youtube=] Jill's been a real trooper. The first trimester was tough. Lots of nausea. But, frequent, small meals helped. Things seem to be settling down at the moment. Let's hope it stays that way (for a while)! Our official due date is April 2nd. But, twins often come early. I've seen posts online quoting 32-36 weeks as normal for twins. So, we're in for a surprise.